Welcome to Malindis

At Malindis we provide authentic food coupled with healthy ingredients and use the finest products. If you are planning a party or have an event, then you need look no further than Malindis. Malindis is a catering and events management company that provides its clients with a variety of meals carefully prepared and according to our clients request.


We have a wide variety of selections covering breakfast, lunch and dinner including grills, pastries, salads, local Ghanaian food, continental and international dishes. We are very flexible and cater to our clients needs.

This week's special

Spicy Grilled Pork

A fresh grilled port spiced with herbs and chilli to give you the right taste

The best grills

Freshly cut, charcole-grilled, right temperature and the best sesoning waiting for you this week.

Chef's Special

This week's chef's special originates from Japan with a local twist.

Twsited Japanese Dish

Our chef decided to bring a Japanese twist to the Malindis menu. A blend of Japanese Grill infused with Ghanaian spices.

Your own platter

This month, you can decide on your own grill.

Select and it will be grilled

This month, you are allowed to select what goes into your plate. Choose the type of meat you prefer and allow it to be grilled for you just the way like it.

Corporate Event Discounts

All corporate events this month qualify for a discount.

Get some costs off!

This month's corporate events are all discounted. If you want to hold a corporate event, talk to us and we will slash the price. Cheers!